Travellers resources sheet

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Partir l’esprit tranquille, le corps en santé.

We invite you to fill out this questionnaire before coming to the clinic (optional). Click here to download it.

Before your departure, to get the most out of your appointment, to be informed and to be reassured:

  1. Prepare your itinerary or ask your agent for one; as detailed as possible (number of days in a particular location etc.) and bring it along at your appointment.

  2. Bring your vaccination record, if you have one.

  3. Bring all your medical documents and your list of medication that indicates details about your state of health. In fact, we recommend that you make a copy of these documents and take them along with you on your trip.

  4. Prepare a list of questions if it is a helpful reminder for you and your family. 

  5. Photocopy your important documents: passport, credit cards, your itinerary as well as your hotel reservations; and keep a copy at home so a trustworthy person can look them up in case you lose them.

  6. Our goal is to ensure your optimal health during and after your trip, and this, adapted to the type of traveler you are. In fact, we will be providing you with several instructive and practical pamphlets ahead of your trip abroad.

  7. Please fill out the travel health questionnaire (optional) before your appointment, this will facilitate our knowledge of your state of health and enable us to pinpoint the topics to be discussed during your consultation. However, if you don’t have time to fill it out beforehand, you can always do so at the clinic.

  8. Your opinion and our concern to meet your expectations are important. So, do not hesitate to let us know of a particular request or apprehension before your appointment (e.g. I will be travelling with my dad who is in a wheelchair etc.).

  9. Please visit the Canadian site:, which holds loads of useful information (women or children travelling alone, double citizenship, etc.) and register on this same site so you can be easily tracked down in case of an emergency.

  10. Contact us as soon as you start planning a trip; it will be easier for you once you reach the stage of last minute details.

  11. Inquire about the state of hygiene and the economical and political conditions of the country or countries you will be visiting.


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