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The Magic of the Caribean

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The Caribean Islands hold a strong attraction for many vacationers, especially during the winter months.) The fact is, it is a destination sought after, year in and year out: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico (not actually part of the enchanted archipelago but still closely linked to them

Often, these trips are planned with feverish excitement). We already imagine our feet in the hot sand, pampering ourselves in the sun. For some travelers,  there will be lots of lazing around for a week, others will be doing their favorite water sports activities, or making excursions into the jungles of nearby villages, still others see themselves partying into the wee hours of the morning seeking the ideal moment to meet someone, if your single. And don’t forget the vacationers who leave with the whole family and kids of all ages, taking the perfect breather trip to recharge the batteries and have some fun together. All our fantasies and desires are possible, and we think all our worries are far off and that traveling can be free from concerns.

So how do we protect ourselves and our loved ones? More and more, the Classic destinations south now require important precautions. Having a professional travel heath consultation will target your needs, asses your heath situation and get you the vaccines and medicine necessary for a safe trip. In health travel clinics, our professionals review,  any important issues to assure you a pleasant voyage without any surprises. Prevention is key, when there are elements of risk in catching disease. For example, in the case of malaria, well known in the Dominican Republic. Professional health travel pharmacists can easily inform you about the risks of diarrhea, which is a problem for a large majority of travelers and can seriously ruin a week vacation. Today,  vaccines for hepatitis (type A and B) and those for diarrhea (Dukoral) now exist to protect you.


Finally, I d like to discuss Dengue fever which is misunderstood but present in almost every country. Like plaudism (marsh-malaria), it is transmitted by a mosquito bite. Dengue fever can manifest like the flu but can also present in the hemorrhagic form (which, after many infestations, can sometimes pass unnoticed). The only protection possible against these infected mosquitoes is using Deet, which effectively repels, but must be reapplied after being in the water. Deet is also effective against mosquitoes carrying (plaudisme) marsh-malaria. You must know, there are two types of mosquitoes: ones which bite at night (nite) the other which bites during the day therefore protection is necessary at all times.


Health travel professionals are there for you. Some good medical guidance will keep  worries to a minimum and, in the end will help protect against incidents, big or small, during our journeys. Travel vaccination is vital and certain protections are essential.

Any activity too dangerous or foolish must be avoided; realize that accidents while away, can become very inconvenient.


Attention to safety is fundamental. So that your voyage isn’t all Ouch! The mosquitoes, or Ouch! The road!

A trip to the Sun is always a chance to rest and take pleasure in nature, so to avoid the parasites, always walk on the sand with sandals and sit on the beach with a towel.

Happy Travels!




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