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The Life giving Sun

Brigitte Marchand Brigitte Marchand     12755 pageviews


I’ve mentioned tales of bringing new awareness to health during my travels to countries near and far. This will be no exception.

The Sun Inspires... Ah ...a Ray of Golden Sun in the air. Always granting us energy ,unequalled. As does a tiny bird flapping its wings, newly feathered, beginning an attempt at first flight, a sunny day can make us jump to our feet, get going and do our favorite outdoor activities, come summer or winter. To be in Quebec, is to know that spring time is the season of Renaissance. The Sun shines, the smiles abound, we have  the urge to be foolish. All of a sudden we get reckless in the Sun, doing our new projects and having fun. Remember when you were a little kid and the first rays of Sun would explode into projects. The air is different, its smell changed sweeter. We breath in life; giving us the conviction to follow our passions out into the world.

Some thrive on ideas about the new outdoor project and its design. Others attempt the realisation of even more adventurous projects than before.

Our growing love for the sun and the outdoors has even changed the way we love the terms "outdooring" and "outdoor living" car now often used in design magasins and ads. We now create outdoor living spaces complete with pools, spas, dining spaces and living/lounging spaces.

I cant continue without mentioning a song form my childhood by Nana Mouskouri called "Le Soleil" ( I know your dying of laughter.) but it was on the radio every Spring. For the nostalgic ones:

Or even the same song redone by Lara Fabian, in her own a special way:

I can promise you that if you listen to this song, no matter your occupation, it will put a smile on your face…

In Quebec, as the warm sun parts in the fall, we organize trips to Florida or the Caribbean (winks to the Snowbirds). Sometimes we envy them, even if its a cliche. Certain contradictions are a part of  life, its the same with questions of protection. Im refering to our friend the sun which can also be harmful to our health. Therefore, always make sure your ready for rapid departure, it makes no difference on the duration of your stay or the remoteness of your destination,  and be sure to consult with a travel health professional. Having an updated vaccin, assures your security during travels. 

And, this all begins with the spring ski season. We simply want to fully take advantage of the sun!

What a pleasant sensation to go down the slopes while feeling the sun caress our skin; I want more, more…

Without wanting to alarm anyone, the sun can cause skin cancer (we hear about it so much). The UVA and UVB rays are very harmful and damage our skin. Therefore, applying sunscreen to one’s face, even for spring skiing, should become common practice!

Heat strokes and sunburns can also be dangerous. An extreme case of insolation can trigger fever, intense chills and force us to cease all activities for 24 hours or more.

If you are planning long-range excursions such as hiking, biking, etc., hydration is crucial. Water and drinks such Gatorade are strongly recommended. Even a game of golf on a sunny day can dehydrate us. Young kids are also more susceptible to dehydration. Some destinations are also more at risk when it comes to dehydration, so one must pay attention to this factor when visiting places abroad.

Previously, I mentioned spring skiing, which can be so pleasant. But, be careful, since there is often an element of risk when pleasure is involved.

Spring skiing: go! We put on skis even if we haven’t done much of it in winter. No need to go very far; we have the option of staying here or going to Vermont. Ski slopes abound and call us.

What awaits us: a sunburn, a fall?  Never lose sight that the sun is our friend but that it holds certain damaging effects. Recreational sports should always be practiced with caution.

We think ourselves invincible, full of this revitalizing solar energy. We shout out “Yay!” as if winter had imprisoned us. But, when this sensation of freedom occurs, we have to learn to contain it. We can always take risks in our adventures but these need to be properly assessed…

Yes, we tend to be more reckless in the sun!

Our eyes must also be protected at all times and wearing sunglasses is thus necessary. An increase in cataracts among young adults has been noted due to the sun, which damages our eyes!

Sunsets are always appealing and many trips are organized so as to be able to admire them. One only has to think of destinations such as Santorini in Greece, known to hold the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Or, even closer to us, in the various islands of the Caribbean.

Don’t forget: even the most beautiful things can sting! And, the professionals of travel health clinics are here for you.

Until next time,

Brigitte Marchand

P.S. I had just finished writing this blog entry when, much to my surprise, I came across by an article in the Travel section of the April 16th edition of La Presse. Here is the article that caught my attention.

I couldn’t find the picture of this article by Geneviève Gourdeau, which shows a spring skier holding on to a mere sitski, propelling himself down high slopes with the Alps in the background. Nothing lives up to this incomparable pleasure!


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