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Our goal is to define and simplify your travel arrangements. We offer a complete range of customized adapted to the needs of all types.

Adopting an innovative approach in a caring atmosphere,  our multidisciplinary team of Nurses, Pharmacists, and Doctors present a flexible schedule and an attentive attitude. Using global expertise and resources to fine point the examination your  health profile according to your destination, assuring you and informing you of relevant vaccines for a safe journey.

Consult the complete list of vaccines offered at the Clinique Sante Voyage Horizon

  • Evaluation of your overall health situation.
  • Customized, personal travel consultation, by appointment (we accept emergency situations), according to your travel destination and type of trip: tourism, business or off the beaten track.

  • Assessment of required vaccines based on your destination and an update of your immunization schedule.
  • Complete vaccinations according to your itinerary, activities and international emergencies.
  • Prescriptions: malaria prevention, traveller’s diarrhea, high-altitude sickness, etc.

  • Prevention advice customized to your needs and state of health, and most of all, to ensure you have a pleasant, safe and hassle-free trip.
  • Handing out of information kit and useful pamphlets.
  • Post-travel follow-up as required.

  • Travel products and accessories available upon request: travel kits.
  • Flexible schedule and possibility of emergency appointments for urgent travel.
  • Quick callbacks.

  • Pharmaceutical consultation as required.
  • On-call doctor available by appointment as required.
  • Post-travel consultation if required or if applicable.