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Lyme disease and the downsides of hiking

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Lyme disease seems far from our usual concern while vacationing. Indeed, I was surprised to hear about it during Une pilule, une petite granule, a TV show that aired on the Télé-Québec channel. The TV show reminded me of a training session I had taken about the prevention of Lyme disease. Back then, I learned that the main cause of transmission of the virus is a tick bite. European and American hikers need to be informed on the prevention and risks associated with the disease. As a matter of fact, I think that every traveler in Quebec should be aware of Lyme disease.

Imagine you plan a hiking expedition in a gorgeous place where the environment and the landscapes will certainly contribute to your well-being. This heaven on earth activity could soon turn into a nightmare if you don’t take any precautions, even in Quebec! Long ago, the disease was causing damages in the United States. Inevitably, the virus spread and in some areas, like Estrie, hikers are advised to be cautious. That’s why I invite you to read the following links. They’ll explain all you need to know about the origins, dangers and precautions to take when it comes to Lyme disease. 

For a while now, the hikers of central Europe are well aware of the risks related to Lyme disease. In response, a vaccine was created to fight the virus. Will we be in possession of that vaccine someday? That’s the question…

In the end, whenever you plan your next trip, it is recommended to consult a travelers’ health professional in order to inform you of the risks associated with visiting certain parts of the world.


Useful link:

Lyme Disease Fact Sheet



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