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Getting a flu shot: it’s time to think about it!

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Dame retraitée se faisant vaccinerThe flu (also known as influenza) virus has no borders; it isn’t only spread in Québec!

Travel very often means new encounters and multiple changes of place. The influenza virus can be contracted anywhere, especially when travelling to foreign countries and other continents. Also, on passenger aircraft, for example, the air can become stale, because it circulates in a closed loop. Some passengers have started to wear a mask when they fly. For any type of travel, the flu vaccine is strongly recommended by travel health professionals.

Click this link to find out more about the 2011-2012 seasonal flu or influenza:

flu vaccine fever You should know that there are several types of flu viruses: for example, this year, the vaccine available in Canada is composed of 3 strains, including one type A (H1N1) from the 2009 pandemic, a second type A (H3N2) and a third type B (Brisbane/60/2008). The flu vaccine is designed according to the strains that are likely to circulate each year worldwide.

Whether you’re going on a cruise or an organized tour or planning a stay off the beaten path, the flu vaccine is a smart option.

homme au lit avec grippeCatching the flu by travelling can be disastrous. The last thing you want on a trip is to be bedridden and feverish, coughing your lungs out – especially since consulting a health professional while travelling can be a problem. The flu also involves its own complications. Prescriptions are sometimes necessary. Why expose yourself to these risks? A travel health professional can give you the right information, so take time to consult one.

In Québec, November and Decembre is the influenza virus vaccination period. Take advantage of this campaign! The vaccination will protect you all year round for your local or foreign travel.

Contact us. One of our travel health professionals will recommend you make an appointment before leaving on your trip! See you soon.


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