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Cuba, again and again!

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This Caribbean island has always been a unique attraction for tourists. For starters, this holiday destination offers multiple assets: easily accessible by weekly direct flights, an affordable stay, a great variety of resorts, magnificent beaches… That’s why Cuba is considered as both charming and economical!

When it comes to Cuba, a lot of travelers have no worries. However, Cuba requires the same precautions as any other destination! That’s why it’s highly recommended to consult a travelers’ health professional since, depending on your needs, they can inform you about vaccines, food hygiene, water quality…

Remember this famous quote: “Peel it, boil it and/or cook it then eat it”. It applies to any holiday destination! Also, remember that traveler’s diarrhea is your nemesis. Two friends of mine learned about it the hard way when they came back from Cuba with a parasite problem. Travelers’ health professionals can inform you on this matter.

Here you will find some useful information from the Public Health Agency of Canada. This information also applies to Cuba.

To find all you need to know about vaccines:

Cuba is indeed a wonderful destination. However, you should get some information from a travelers’ health professional for your sake and for those who travel with you.

I leave you with this wonderful song from Charles Trenet entitled La mer


Also, I offer you this 1975’s song from a Venezuelan singer with some pictures of Marilyn Monroe in the background. The sea is indeed a universal dream!


Travelers’ health professionals are waiting for you. Come visit us and have a nice and safe journey!



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