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As soon as we leave, we question ourselves about…

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Travel and health go together as soon as a departure from daily life arises. Well, more or less anyways! I like to discover and make others discover. Leading to new knowledge, people and places. The universe is so vast that it cannot be limited to a closed circuit.

Where do I start, where will I take you...?

  Inspired when in northern Argentina heading towards the border with Chili.

Preparing a trip is a great adventure every time.

Will everyone enjoy it and feel good? We hope that everyone will be happy, healthy and full of energy throughout the intrepid adventure of the anticipated trip.

Certain trips require less temerity than others. For example, spending a week down South… But, even then, all concerns that come to mind must be addressed prior to departure.

Many travellers tend to be more concerned with their health when there is a particular health issue at hand, whereas others never tend to grant it much importance, they simply take off with a backpack to cross countries that are often risky.

It is obvious that there is a happy medium to everything, but what of it exactly?

With this blog, I invite you to share your ideas on this topic, in all simplicity.

No matter what type of traveller you are, be it adventurous or more farniente, please feel comfortable in sharing your comments.



I, for one, appreciate everything, each place visited. I’m interested in your passions and experiences in terms of travel, regardless of the objective. I’m also concerned with your preoccupations before, during and after your trip.

See you soon!


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